We, IP Research Institute based in JAPAN provides, timely, useful and practical information, research & consulting services for the strategic use of intellectual property rights.

NGB IP Research Institute (NGB IPRI) is an organization made up of technical, legal and business experts in various aspects of IP research and activities. The IPRI consists of 25 IP analysts and over 150 searchers specialized in Chemical, Pharmaceutical Automotive, Electronics and Telecommunication fields. We are able to assist you not only with conventional patent searches such as validity, novelty, infringement and subject-matter searches but also with novel services such as IP consulting services and publication of technical reports. We also function as a liaison for licensing our clients’ technology.

Experience that Counts

It is our mission to accurately grasp your needs, and to make use of our passion and know-how to provide the best services in a timely manner.

Since our establishment, we have been dedicated towards improving our capability of information processing and analysis of patent and non-patent references, including scientific literature, and we always try our best to satisfy our clients’ needs and requirements.

Our commitment to maintain and improve our quality and efforts allow us to work for the Japan Patent Office, governmental agencies, universities and private companies. In addition, we provide consulting services and give lectures regarding various IP areas.

As evidence of our clients’ trust in us, our reports are often relied upon for decision-making before and/or during patent opposition, patent invalidation and infringement proceedings, and if necessary, for submission before the relevant authorities.

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