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JAPAN is “Treasure Trove” of Technologies Contact NGB for Japanese patent searches!

The number of Japanese patent publications exceeds 450,000 annually. Under this situation, Japanese patent information is obviously a treasure trove for finding good prior art and/or identifying emerging technologies with powerful possibilities for your IP practices and business. We believe that there is a great chance of finding good prior art through a Japanese patent search.

“The Japan Patent Office is the largest recipient of patent filing, followed by U.S.A.”

This chart shows the top 20 patent offices according to the total number of patent filings in 2005. In 2005, for example, 450,000 patent and utility model applications were published.

Source: WIPO Patent Report (2007 Edition)

Do you have a method of searching for Japanese patents, which are tailored to your needs?

NGB IPRI has well-developed search schemes and 25 specialized IP analysts and over 150 searchers specialized in Chemical, Automotive, Electronics and Telecommunication fields. That is the reason why we can provide you with our responsible and tailored search services.

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Is Patent Abstract of Japan by JAPIO or other Databases not made in Japan enough?
Complete, Fast and Cost Effective JP patent search is now available.

Database searches are a fast and cost effective. However, in order to have a “complete” result, it is often desirable that specialized Japanese native language searchers perform a page-by-page review of the complete details of Japanese patent specifications and/or descriptions.

Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) database or the likes not made in Japan are very well known databases, and it contains Japanese patent abstract information. However, there is a time lag for Japanese patents to be recorded, and you can neither conduct full-text searches nor use FI or F-terms.

Furthermore, Japanese utility models are a rich source of prior art references. Unlike patents, information on Japanese utility models is not available outside of Japan.

Created based upon the information obtained from “WIPO Patent Report (2007 Edition)”

This chart shows the distribution of patent applications filed for a selection of technical fields at the JPO & USPTO between the years 2000 to 2004. Both JPO and the USPTO have high rates of activity in these selected fields (Regarding Chemical Engineering, PCT applications are not included in the above charts). Except for Information Technology, Telecommunications and Chemical Engineering fields, greater numbers of patent applications were filed in Japan than in the United States.

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