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Essentiality Report on Wi-Fi 6 Patents


We, NGB Corporation, have conducted a landscape analysis of Wi-Fi 6 SEP(standard-essential patent). We aim

to clarify the current status of Wi-Fi 6 SEP families bymanually making technical essentiality search.

In this report, Wi-Fi 6 SEP family means a patent family having the granted patent of which independent claim(s) substantially read onto features of the target standard (IEEE 802.11ax) as a result of our manual essentiality review of the granted patent in the patent family.

We hope that this report highlights the current situation of the Wi-Fi 6 SEP race, and helps many stakeholders relating to Wi-Fi 6 technology to make more practical discussion and better determination.

To learn more, click on the PDF link below.

Essentiality Report on Wi-Fi 6 Patents

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