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We offer the following services:

Validity, Novelty & Infringement Clearance Search

Patents as well as utility models in Japan are obviously potential sources of good prior art references in view of the accumulated volumes and active R&D in some fields. Based on your information, we will advise you of suitable search resources, strategies and, if necessary, options for searches tailored to your objectives. Currently, we have begun conducting a large number of infringement search projects regarding Chinese patents.

Subject Matter Search

Our search reports provide our clients with complete lists of patents in a specific field, from which you will learn the state of the art and patent coverage of competitors in Japan. Depending on your request, we can include a technical analysis with detailed commentaries in our search report with references to available market and business information.

Non-Patent Literature Search

Non-Patent Literature Search is often difficult to consider due to lack of prior knowledge of information resources. We have a complete list of worldwide scientific literature databases and resources at our disposal in which exhaustive search can be conducted. We can also perform searches at the National Diet Library, which possesses the largest number of publications in Japan.

Technology Analysis based on Patent Information

Our patent maps and commentaries based on our strategic research and analysis of IP information will enable you to understand the past and current trends of R&D and patent activities in your industrial segment or by your competitors, and will guide you in the future. To meet clients’ interests in new technologies, our technical reports are also edited and published.

Status Search and Monitoring Service

In order to reduce infringement risks, we offer status search and monitoring services. This will be helpful in allowing the client to obtain information on patent applications, such as the legal status, publication stage and changes of ownership of the application.

Other Services and Products available

* Obtaining a copy of file wrapper & patent copies
* Licensing and Patent Auction
* Notification of New Chemical Substances
* CD-ROM products containing Japanese/international patent information
* Publishing IP News Report (I.P.R., Asia Report)

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